Architectural Company

In context to South Africa's built environment, an architecture company employs an architectural professional. Here at Tectonics, all our building plans is drawn by an architectural professional who is register with SACAP. The definition of SACAP is the South African Council for the Architectural Professions.
As an architecture company in South Africa, our scope of work may include the following:

Project and Office Management

  • Client seating's
  • Initial briefing and preliminary drawings
  • Putting together the client requirements
  • Project management before contract
  • Assign contract conditions
  • Correspondence
  • Direct the work of consultants
  • Office and project financial systems
  • Legal requirements for running an office
  • Professional Insurance

Construction Documents

  • Draughting of working drawings and specifications
  • Managing the documentation process against time and cost plans
  • Checking of documents for compliance with legal requirements
  • Dire of subcontractors documentation
  • Co-ordination of contract drawings and specifications

Design and Design Documentation

  • Site Assessment
  • Consult relevant authorities
  • Check of the implications of relevant regulations
  • Draw of schematic and design development drawings
  • Check design proposal against legal compliance
  • Put together budgets, estimates, cost plans and feasibility studies

Contract Administration

  • Site meetings
  • Checking contractors work
  • Giving instructions, notices and certificates to the contractor
  • Reports for the client
  • Administration of variations and monetary allowances
  • Resolution of Disputes
  • As built drawings
  • Final accounts
Our architecture company can make your project a success.